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Gavin Sharpe, Psychotherapist & Relationship Coach

Relationship Coach
Gavin is a well respected U.K. qualified psychotherapist, relationship/psychosexual therapist ,executive coach and saught after public speaker. Gavin has offices in Monaco and London. He offers a safe and confidential space for others to explore the reality of their lives, discover their true selves and achieve their full potential. He also runs many workshops and couples retreats.
In our discussion, Gavin reveals :-

- How he qualified as a lawyer and subsequently worked as an entrepreneur in the city of London.

-How reading a TED talk article led him to change his career to what he's currently very passionate about.

-What his work involves and the type of clients he sees.

-Addiction-substance and process and all that revolves around it.

-The importance of group therapy and the need for more groups on the Riviera.

-How we can all have good and not so good days and how we should deal with it.

- The antidote to addiction. Yes-there is a very good one.

-Listen to the podcast and find out about Gavin's Special offers for listeners when you mention this podcast.


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